Rainscreen & Curtain Walling

Rainscreen Cladding Systems & Installation

Residential rainscreen systems are the best way to protect your home against elements of nature. To elaborate a little further on its purpose, it is going to provide you with insulating properties while controlling water, wind and fire. Combining the desire for aesthetics with performance, waterproofing your building can enhance its overall thermal performance.

Delivering to you, practical solutions in rain screen facade, Galaxy insulation partners with key facade manufacturers to provide you with high quality residential rainscreen systems. Providing you with customization options regarding your rainscreen cladding our experts also go the extra mile to guide you with how to install rainscreen cladding system. Simplifying the complexity of your façade, we are able to provide support for every kind of requirement – our range of installer friendly rain screen systems have been tried and tested thoroughly.

We provide you with safe and versatile rainscreen cladding systems that have been optimized not only for value but also for maximum apart, thus helping our clients in buying a product with utmost confidence. Whether you are on the lookout for a rainscreen cladding system or are just looking to get rainscreen cladding details, our team experts are here to listen to all your needs and make sure that you get the safest and most practical solution for your requirements.

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