Knauf Soundshield Plus

Knauf’s Soundshield Plus is a high mass core plasterboard, an excellent solution where the reduction of sound is of great importance. This is achieved by helping to reduce the passage of air-born sound from one room to another. Manufactured from the highest quality gypsum the Knauf Soundshield Plus acoustic plasterboard is extremely robust and easy to use, with no specialised tools required for scoring and scratching, coming in 12.5mm and 15mm thicknesses. To satisfy Knauf’s system warranty, the Soundshield Plus must be used in conjunction with performance plus screws, jointing compounds, adhesive and plaster. 

*Always Refer Back To The Manufactures Specification Document  

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Knauf Soundshield Plus is the ideal plasterboard where sound reduction is of particular importance.

Its high mass and tuned core give enhanced acoustic performance, excellent fire resistance and severe duty impact rating when used on Knauf systems.

Knauf Soundshield Plus, used as part of the Knauf Performer partition system, will give up to 120 minutes of fire resistance and noise reduction of 57Db. Use with Knauf Performance Plus Screws.

Storage and Handling

Product must be stored flat, and be protected from inclement weather. Appropriate personal protective clothing and equipment etc. should be used when handling all Knauf boards.

Manual handling guidelines should be adhered to at all times. This board is unsuitable for areas that are continuously damp, humid or above 50°C.

Performance Data

In compliance with BS EN 520, the product is subject to initial type testing and continuous factory production control and bears the CE mark.

Technical Data

Board weight and density:
12.5mm – 11.5kg/m2 – 920kg/m3
15mm – 12.8kg/m2 – 853kg/m3

For further product technical data, please refer to the Declaration of Performance.

Product Features

– Blue Face
– Brown Reverse
– White Core
– Board details printed on reverse
– Tapered Edge

Application / Installation

Use in accordance with BS 8000 British Standard Workmanship on building sites − Part 8: Code of practice for plasterboard partitions and dry linings.

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Collated versions also available. As Knauf Soundshield Plus is a high density board, it requires Knauf Performance Plus Fixings to be used. Health & Safety May irritate eyes or sensitive skin.

Dust may irritate respiratory system

– Protective gloves, glasses and face mask are recommended.
– Avoid inhaling dust when cutting / handling product.

Ventilate area and move person to fresh air

– Avoid ingestion − wash mouth out immediately and drink plenty of water.
– Should any symptoms persist or allergic reaction occur, seek medical advise.

Refer to the product MSDS and DoP Please turn over for product material numbers, dimensions and pallet details.

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