Rockwool TCB & PWCB

Cavity barriers are essential in building projects to prevent the spread of fire within concealed voids. The Rockwool TCB & PWCB provides this essential fire protection while reducing air leakage and heat loss between the external cavity and separating wall.

Product Information:
The Rockwool TCB & PWCB provides fire resistance of up to 60 minutes, coms in thicknesses of 65mm – 160mm and lengths of 1200mm.

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Preventing fire spreading through concealed voids is essential for improving safety and property protection.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to correctly specify and install cavity barriers.


ROCKWOOL TCB & PWCB cavity barriers are manufactured from non-combustible stone wool, encapsulated within a resilient polythene sleeve which eliminates the need for weather protection during installation.

The sleeves are also colour-coded to differentiate between the two products, TCB’s being red and PWCB’s white.


ROCKWOOL TCB & PWCB Cavity barriers can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications, providing an effective fire, acoustic and thermal barrier within external wall cavities and separating party walls.

All ROCKWOOL Cavity barriers are 1200mm long and are designed to be compression fitted within the cavity (min 10mm-15mm compression).

The barriers do not rely on the polythene flanges to hold them in place in the event of a fire. It is essential that the correct cavity barrier size is specified to suit the as-built cavity width.

TCB & PWCB cavity barriers are available in a range of thicknesses to suit cavity widths (refer to the tables at the end of the data sheet for more information).


• Easy to install
• Fire resistance up to 60 minutes (EI)
• Reduce acoustic flanking transmission
• Improves air leakage & heat loss
• Unaffected by building movement
• Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications
• Site durable & weather protected


Fire performance The use of ROCKWOOL Cavity Barriers satisfies the requirements of:
• Approved Document B (Domestic) B3 – Section 6: Concealed spaces (Cavities).
• Approved Document B (Non-domestic) B3 – Section 9: Concealed spaces (Cavities).
• Scottish Technical Handbook Section 2 – Fire Section 2.4: Cavities.
• NI Technical Booklet E – Section 3: Provision of cavity barriers.

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