Mulcol Multimortar

The Mulcol Multimortar is a dry white powder-based product comprising of non-organic compounds and perlite. When mixed with water the non-organic compounds and perlite create a strong thermal and insulated fire resistant mass. During the unfortunate event of a fire, the Mulcol Multimortar will prevent fire and smoke from penetrating through fire-resistant walls and floors. The Multimortar can resist fire for up to 240 minutes, has an acoustic insulation value of RW64 dB and a working life value of up to 30 years.

Please use within the Mulcol penetration seal system used in combination with Multicollar slim, Multiwrap and Multimastic FB fire stopping Boards. Always refer back to the manufactures specification document.

For more information about this product, please speak to your local Galaxy Branch. For latest datasheets, please refer to manufacturers website.

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