Isover Climcover Roll Alu2

The Climcover Roll ALU2 is a robust, flexible, easy to handle and cost-effective alternative to provide thermal and acoustic insulation to circular ductwork. The Climcover Roll ALU2 has a foil facing providing a vapour barrier and professional finish.

Technical characteristics:
Isover Climcover Roll ALU2 has a thermal conductivity of 0.032-0.054 W/mK depending on service temperature, is Euroclass A2 in terms of reaction to fire, is manufactured from up to 75% recycled material and comes in thickness of 25mm-50mm.

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HVAC – Thermal insulation for metal ductwork

Providing cost effective thermal and acoustic insulation for circular metal ductwork, Climcover Roll Alu2 offers an improved thermal performance compared to traditional stone wool solutions.

This strong, flexible and easy to handle glass mineral wool roll is manufactured from up to 80% recycled content and incorporates a factory applied aluminium foil facing providing an inherent vapour barrier.

Suitable for use with appropriate covering and for low level installation and outside applications.

Thermal performance

Climcover Roll Alu2 helps to meet thermal building regulations and offers significant energy
savings by protecting the installation from external thermal variation.

Fire Classification

Climcover Roll Alu2 has a Euroclass A2 reaction to fire classification (according to EN 13501-1).

Ease of install

Climcover Roll Alu2 is lightweight and offers a combination of flexibility and mechanical strength,
allowing fast and efficient cutting and fitting.

Recycled glass

Manufactured from up to 80% recycled glass.

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