Rockwool Thermal Rockfloor

The Rockwool Thermal Rockfloor is a mineral stone wool insulation, part of the tissue faced range, a high compressive insulation slab. within specifications and design criteria, energy efficiency within ground floors is becoming more of a focus, the Rockwool Rockfloor strives to satisfy the criteria by offering thermal conductivity of 0.038WmK, achieves fire properties A1 Euroclass and is water repellent.

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The ROCKFLOOR® range comprises of two product families; Thermal ROCKFLOOR® and Acoustic ROCKFLOOR®. Thermal ROCKFLOOR® is a dual density insulation providing thermal performance for ground floors. Acoustic ROCKFLOOR® delivers impact sound protection for intermediate and separating floors.


ROCKWOOL ROCKFLOOR® is designed for use in thermal applications, to meet Building Regulations Part L, in ground floors, and for acoustic applications, to meet Building Regulations Part E, in intermediate and separating floors. This document details the different constructions options available.



Tested to BS EN 13162, ROCKWOOL Thermal ROCKFLOOR® has a thermal conductivity of 0.038 W/mK.

Fire classification

Rated A1 when tested to EN 13501-1 classification using test data from reaction to fire test. ROCKFLOOR® boards can be used in conjunction with ROCKWOOL Flexi to construct a compartment floor, providing 1 hour of fire resistance combined with acoustic isolation.


The density and fibre orientation of ROCKFLOOR® means it is especially effective at absorbing vibration, or impact, based sound. Suitable for use in achieving Part E (Sound) of the Building Regulations in separating floors.

Technical information

ROCKWOOL ROCKFLOOR® complies with the requirements of BS EN 13162 Thermal Insulation Products for Buildings: Factory made mineral wool (MW) products specification.


Because the U-value for ground floors is dependent upon size, shape, soil type, edge, insulation etc, it is not possible to quote specific values. The following tables show the insulation thickness required to suit floor types based on their P/A ratio.

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