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Galaxy insulation supplies a wide range of roof cladding products, to satisfy the growing demands of the roofing and cladding industry. With a wide range of roofing products that deal with external roof cladding, we offer you products from some of the best roofing product manufacturers in the country. Whether you are looking for products related to metal roof cladding or are seeking products like soundproof insulation plasterboard – we can provide you with it all.

We pride ourselves, on giving customers the best roofing products, prices and services available. All customer enquiries are dealt with promptly by a team of experienced experts, who will take care of all your roofing and cladding needs and give you the best technical advice needed for your project.

Rockwool Sound Insulation Slab

When on the lookout for roofing products, you will require the best options for your commercial roofing and cladding project. We are home to some of the best products that you can find from leading roofing and cladding companies across the country. One such product that is very popular among customers is the soundproof insulation boards from Rockwool.

Noise generally does not need to come from external sources alone. Whether you are looking at a residential space or a commercial one, in order to control the passage of sound between internal spaces you need soundproof insulation. With the help of a soundproof insulation boards, you can reduce noise from adjacent rooms or even properties within the same building. Rockwool soundproof insulation, hence, can help you in creating a quiet and peaceful pace about residential and commercial environments

Hence when on the lookout for the best soundproof insulation board, Rockwool is one of the many manufacturers you should consider.

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