Weber Weberfloor Industry Pro Top 4610

The Weberfloor industry pro, top 4610 is a premium self-smoothing industry topping screed that can be applied at 4-14mm depths levelling of concrete, base screeds and anhydrite screeds. The Weberfloor industry pro top 4160 is suitable for industrial areas, it can be covered with epoxy resin coating and polyurethane coating or it can be left uncovered. Foot traffic will be possible for 2-4 hours, taking into consideration the conditions. The final floor covering can be applied after 24 hours, again taking into consideration the layer thickness and drying conditions. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Low airborne dust released during the mixing process
  • Can be used for pump application which increases the speed of installation 
  • Outstanding flow achieves a smooth finish and the extremely high wear resistance 
  • Toughness means the Weber floor is suitable for industrial use.

*Always Refer Back To The Manufacturers Specification Document  


For more information about this product, please speak to your local Galaxy Branch. For latest datasheets, please refer to manufacturers website.

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