Rockwool Firepro Insulated Fire Sleeve

Typically, combustible pipe systems are retrofitted, meaning that they more often than not compromise the fire performance of the compartments they penetrate through. The Rockwool Firepro Insulated Fire Sleeve is a stone mineral wool and graphite intumescent, when exposed to fire the sleeve expands and seals the gap preventing the spread of fire and smoke. The Fire Sleeve is a 3 in 1 solution offering outstanding fire, thermal and noise insulation to pipe systems.

Product Information:
The Rockwool Firepro Insulated Sleeve is compliant to BS EN 1366-3;2009 and offers fire resistance for up to 2 hours.

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Insulated Fire Sleeves are a unique combination of ROCKWOOL stone wool and graphite intumescent. Supplied with a factory applied reinforced aluminium foil facing.

When thermally insulated plastic pipes pass through fire resisting walls and floors, the insulation is normally removed at the point of penetration to enable standard pipe collars and wraps to close the resulting void when the plastic softens and melts due to the effects of a fire.

However, the removal of this insulation may result in the formation of condensation on cold pipework or heat loss from hot pipes. Insulated Fire Sleeves avoid this problem by providing both fire stopping and thermal insulation in a single product.

Insulated Fire Sleeves are intended for use on copper, steel and most types of plastic pipes, trunking and conduits to provide up to 2 hours fire resistance.

Insulated Fire Sleeves can be used on numerous division types and under fire attack, expand both inwards to choke the plastic service penetration and also outwards to seal gaps between the sleeve and the surrounding construction.

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