Rockwool Intumescent Expansion Joint Seal

Firestop solution for linear joints in walls and floors.

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Intumescent Expansion Joint Seal is a compressible strip formed by shrink wrapping a graphite based intumescent polymer to both faces of a ROCKWOOL core. Intumescent Expansion Joint Seal is supplied in one metre lengths to suit the joint to be filled. The width of the product is dependent on the fire rating required.


FIREPRO Intumescent Expansion Joint Seal is installed by simply compressing by hand and then pushing into the joint. Adjacent pieces of the product are tightly butted together.

There is no need to use any adhesives or intumescent sealant in conjunction with the product. In a fire, the graphite based intumescent material swells to form a hard char, which prevents the passage of fire and smoke through the joint. Intumescent Expansion Joint is suitable for use in:

• Blockwork cavities
• Curtain wall/Concrete slab interfaces
• Expansion joints
• Structural joints

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