Rockwool High Impact Soffit Slab

Rockwool Soffit Slab is thermal, fire and acoustic insulation for concrete soffits

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ROCKWOOL Soffit Slab is manufactured using high performing, non-combustible stone wool insulation. Available with a plain, foil or tissue facing which can provide up to 4 hours fire protection to the underside of concrete soffits.

Hi-Impact Soffit Slab

With a 6mm rigid fibre cement board facing, this combination of two noncombustible products provides increased impact resistance and durability. Available in various thicknesses, the off-white facing can be easily decorated to match design and colour schemes.


Suitable for use with concrete soffits where a thermal, fire or acoustic performance is required.


Fire performance

Soffit Slabs have been tested to BS EN 1363-1 to offer fire protection to reinforced concrete soffits. When applied to the soffit using the recommended fixings and pattern, 130 and 140mm thick products, with and without facings, provide 3 hours fire insulation and integrity to a minimum 90mm thick floor slab. 150 and 160mm thicknesses provide 4 hours to a minimum 150mm thick slab.

Thermal performance

ROCKWOOL® Soffit Slab has a thermal conductivity (k value) of 0.034 W/mK.
Thermal resistance of un-faced Soffit Slab:

• 130mm Soffit Slab: 3.82 m²K/W
• 145mm Soffit Slab: 4.26 m²K/W
• 160mm Soffit Slab: 4.70 m²K/W

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