CMS Danskin Regupol 4515 Multi

The Regupol 4515 Multi, as seen on high profile design projects such as the shard, Everyman Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. This Product is a versatile acoustic underlay developed from PUR foam and cork granules. The Regupol 4515 can be bonded to all floor types therefore is suited to all new build projects, complying with part E 2003.

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Regupol® 4515 Multi is a tough, resilient, acoustic underlay that has been developed to attenuate impact sound beneath a wide range of floor finishes, deliverng exceptional acoustic performance without ageing or collapsing.

Regupol® 4515 Multi meets the requirements for a bonded soft floor covering in certain Guidance Floors in Approved Document E (England & Wales), Technical Booklet G (Northern Ireland) and Example Construction floors under Section 5 (Scotland).


Regupol® 4515 Multi is widely used in developments where effective sound control is essential and interior design flexibility is a priority. These include:

• Apartments
• Education developments
• Hotels
• Commercial developments
• Leisure developments
• Bespoke architectural projects
• Care homes
• Schools


• Suitable for all tiled floor finishes including ceramic, granite, stone and marble tiles. Compliant to CoF for light duty applications such as domestic dwelling floors.
• Suitable for a variety of floor finishes.
• Offers long term performance without collapse or “bottoming” out under high point loads.
• Resistant to ageing and deformation.
• Quick and easy to install. Simply bond to the subfloor beneath the final floor finish.
• Zero global warming potential (GWP) & zero ozone depletion potential (ODP).
• Independent Test Data available showing compliance with Approved Document E, Technical Booklet G and Section 5 on certain floors.
• Product manufactured using Recycled Materials and 100% recyclable (manufacturer Environmental Policy available on request).
• Suitable for all types of underfloor heating.

Full installation guidelines are available on request. However, key points to observe are:

• Area of installation must be dry, dirt and dust free and weather tight.  If over 75% RH seal with Regupur® Regushield and for priming, if required, use Regupur® Reguprime, or equal approved. To determine RH please use a Hygrometer.

• Regupol® 4515 Multi should be unwound and left for a minimum 8 hours or ideally overnight at the place where it is to be installed, to allow for any potential shrinkage.

• The subfloor must be sound, smooth and dry. A self-levellin compound such as Regupu Regulevel 2 or equal approved may be required to achieve the desired ‘SR’ value. **

• Regupol® 4515 acoustic underlays can be easily installed providing BS 8203:2017 and the CMS Danskin Acoustics installation guidelines are followed at all times.

• When bonding to bare concrete a suitable concrete sealer is recommended to ensure maximum adhesive coverage and  bond strength.

Installation Service

In addition to supply of this product CMSDanskin Acoustics can provide a listing of competitively priced experienced installers that service anywhere in the UK.

Use of this service ensures that installation is performed to the highest standards by tradesmen fully experienced in the specialist skills of fitting CMS Danskin Acoustics materials correctly.

Please contact your local CMS Danskin Acoustics for a list of experienced installers.

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