Hush Deep Resilient Bar

Hush Bar Deep Resilient Bars

  • 2.4m x 55mm x 27mm
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Hush Bar Deep Resilient Bars

  • 2.4m x 55mm x 27mm

Hush bars are used to optimise acoustic performance by virtually decoupling a ceiling or wall lining from it’s structure. This significantly reduces sound transmission through the floor, ceiling and wall structures.

The HushBar Deep resilient bar creates a larger void within a construction and allows high mass boards to be used.

The Hush-Bar Deep can provide enhanced acoustic performance compared to standard resilient bars when used with a recommended lining.


Can be used to the underside of timber and metal joisted construction at 600mm or 450mm centres.

Can be used on separating timber/metal studwork or masonry walls Bar dimensions – 30mm deep x 120mm wide x 2.4m or 3.0m length Overall depth of the bar is 30mm Comprises of metal bars.


1 Excellent acoustic performance.
2 Refurbishment and New Build (particularly Timber Frame structures).
3 Suitable for suspending up to 50kg/m2.
4 Building Regulations Part E (England and Wales). Section 5 (Scotland) and Part G (Northern Ireland).
5 Can be used as part of a Robust Detail ceiling system.
6 Can be used as part of a Code For Sustainable Homes development.
7 Creates a 30mm void to enhance acoustic performance.
8 acoustic performance.
9 Can be used with Hush Multi Panel to improve on standard plasterboard performance.
10  Easy to install.

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