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As a premier nationwide supplier of insulated render system and product supplies Galaxy insulation has been the trusted choice of thousands of customers across the years. Providing you with render insulation boards or other insulation render fixings, we focus on providing you not only the best of services, but also pay attention to all details regarding your project as well as yourself.

Our team of experts will make sure that you have insulated render boards from all the top brands and suppliers at your service. Offering you not only premium quality but also highly competitive pricing is something that our experts aim for.

When on the lookout for insulated render systems UK, you should understand what is insulated render and why do you need it. By getting a render on insulation board, you will help your house in retaining heat making it an ideal product for cold homes. Render insulation panels help in getting you considerable savings of almost up to 50% on heat loss that happens through your walls.

If your home is built without a cavity and is one of those built after the 1930s then chances are that you might feel that your home is cold even with the heat on. This is exactly why insulated render systems UK are needed. If your house has poor exterior wall insulation then you will be expecting a large energy bill, that you can cut down by up to 40% if you get insulated render panels.

Reach out to our experts who will guide regarding the entire process and what all products you might need, ensuring that you are warm, cozy and comfortable. – all throughout the year.

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