Rockwool Fire Duct Systems


Rectangular and circular, single layer fire protection for steel ductwork. As part of the comprehensive ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® range of fire protection products, Fire Duct Systems provide fire protection, thermal and acoustic insulation for circular and rectangular steel ductwork.

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• Specified with confidence
• Quick and easy to install
• Fully certified to BS 476–24 (duct types A and B)
• ½, 1, 1½ and 2hour fire protection for stability, integrity and insulation
• Choice of fixing options
• Single layer, enabling verification of system installation
• Space efficient, non-brittle, strong and safe
• Multi-role insulation: fire protection, acoustic and thermal
• Can be installed on standard DW144/42 ductwork


Fireduct Systems Three products are available in the Fire

Duct Systems range:
• Fire Duct Slab – for rectangular ducts
• Fire Duct Section – for circular ducts between 60mm and 356mm diameter
• Fire Duct PSM – for circular ducts greater than 406mm diameter

All three Fire Duct products are supplied faced on one side with reinforced aluminium foil.

Fire Duct Slab is a high density insulation slab faced with reinforced aluminium foil.

Fire Duct Section is a high density pre-formed pipe section faced with reinforced aluminium foil.

Fire Duct PSM is a high density slab with factory machined grooves to facilitate installation around a circular duct, faced with reinforced aluminium foil.


System Options – rectangular ducts Welded pin fixing method Attachment by welded pins allows extremely rapid installation with slab joints simply butted together.

Welded pins are generally spaced at 350mm maximum centres along the length of the duct and at 500mm maximum centres across the width and depth of the duct.

Pins are required on all four sides of vertical ducts, but may be omitted from the top face of horizontal ducts, see Figures 5 and 6 on page 10.

Longitudinal corner joints fixed with pigtail screws at 250mm maximum centres (screw length to be 2 x slab thickness).

Side wall slabs must overlap top and bottom slabs (as shown). Cross joints bonded with FIREPRO® Glue.

Alternative joint methods Instead of pigtail screws, longitudinal joints can be fixed with FIREPRO® Glue and nails, at 500mm max. centres. Instead of glue, cross joints can be protected with centrally positioned.

100mm wide Fire Duct strips fixed along both edges with pigtail screws at 250mm max. centres. Mitre-joint fixing methods The use of mitre-joints at slab corner allows installation in situations where welding may not be practical.

Mitre-joint method All joints bonded with ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® Glue. Longitudinal corner joints secured with nails whileROCKWOOL FIREPRO® Glue cures.

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