Mulcol Multifoam 2K

The Mulcol Multifoam 2k is a two-compartment polyurethane foam comprised of fire retardant additives, providing a fire resistance seal for openings of cable trays, cable bundles, flammable and non-flammable pipes. In the unfortunate event of a fire breaking out the stone prevents the spread of fire through fire-resistant walls and floors. The Multifoam 2k has been designed by Mulcol to be installed quickly and easily on-site for those hard to reach penetrations.
Please use the Multifoam 2k as part of the full Mulcol Multifoam 2k system in combination with the Multifoam wrap to realise fire-resistant seals for up to 120 minutes. for cable trays, cable ladders, electric cables and cable bundles. Always refer back to the manufactures specification document.  

For more information about this product, please speak to your local Galaxy Branch. For latest datasheets, please refer to manufacturers website.

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