Firehalt Lightweight Barrier

Today’s building projects, more than ever, require effective passive fire protection techniques. Fire barriers are one of these techniques. Fire barriers are designed to prevent the passage of fire and smoke through unseen voids and compartments within a building’s infrastructure. The fire Firehalt lightweight barrier does exactly that. The product offers up to 15 minutes of insulation, with a fire resistance (integrity) of up to 60 minutes tested in vertical and horizontal applications.  

Product Details:

  • Lightweight – 1334 g/m2
  • Supplied in 6.5mm thicknesses 
  • Supplied in lengths of 6.0m 
  • Width of 1.3m 
  • Area 7.8m2
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy installation, can be cut with a knife or scissors 

*Always Refer Back To The Manufacturers Specification Document  

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