Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic Insulation Products Distributor

We deal with a wide variety of acoustic insulation systems that help in absorbing unwanted sound. From external noise barriers to conference room ceilings, we can help you in making your environment quieter by providing you with insulation materials like acoustic insulation panels, acoustic insulation slabs or even acoustic insulation boards, etc. Our acoustic insulation provide best solutions for wall, floor and ceilings.

We have with us a host of renowned brands, so you can expect to find rockwool roof insulation or other big names such as Hush Acoustics, hence, you can depend upon us to provide you best in class acoustic insulation products.

Acoustic Floor Insulation

Noise transfer through floors has been quite a common problem for residential, commercial as well as industrial buildings. Utilizing flexible acoustic floor insulation can help in soundproofing floors in a wide variety of environments. By using products like acoustic insulation slab, acoustic insulation roll or acoustic foam roll, etc. we can help in protecting you against unwanted sounds

Acoustic Wall Insulation

We understand that unnecessary sounds can be a nuisance in any environment, whether it is a noisy neighbor or a noisy colleague, Galaxy Insulation provide acoustic wall insulation solutions that can help in soundproofing for walls. In addition, we provide you with the expertise advice that is necessary to diagnose your issues and help you resolve them, whether it is providing you with acoustic sound insulation panels or by 100mm acoustic insulation. For acoustic boards for walls call us Galaxy Insulation.

Acoustic Ceiling Insulation

Transference of noise for ceilings, is something that is a very common issue be it at a residential or a commercial properties. We provide you with acoustic ceiling tiles as well as acoustic ceiling panels, that can be used for sound proofing or ceilings and apart from this they will find implementation in a wide range of environments. Contact us for Acoustic ceiling insulation.

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