Rockwool FirePro Speedseal

Buildings today have extensive lengths of cables that run through many different areas. These cables are essential to provide power, transmit data, provide security systems and so on, the problem with vast lengths of cables is, they often need to penetrate through compartment walls and service hatches, this creates opportunity areas for potential fire spread. The penetration of the cables are usually very small but they must be protected against fire spread effectively.

The Rockwool Firepro Speedseal, part of the Fire Protection range is a quick, easy to install and all-around excellent solution to protect small apertures where cables pass through.

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There are many instances in buildings where single or small bunched cables and conduits will need to be positioned through compartment walls.

It is important that even the smallest penetrating service is effectively fire stopped to reinstate the fire performance of the wall.

FIREPRO® SpeedSeal is a red putty-based penetration sealing solution available in 60mm and 100mm diameter discs.

It has been tested in service openings 25mm x 25mm and 50mm x 50mm to seal penetrating services such as small metallic pipes, plastic pipes, cables and cable bunches.


Tested to reinstate the fire performance of rigid and flexible walls (minimum 100mm) where small cables and conduits penetrate.

Fire resistance testing to EN 1366-3 and proven to perform for up to EI 60.

Used to seal penetrations through service openings 25mm x 25mm and 50mm x 50mm.

Tested in conjunction with small/medium metallic pipes, plastic pipes, small/ medium cables and cable bunches. Can be used as a blank seal.

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