Rockwool Firepro Beamclad

The BEAMCLAD® systems are stone mineral wool insulation, specifically manufactured to provide a robust, durable, fire-resistant solution for structural steel and cellular sections of a building project. The Beamclad system offers a one-stop-shop ‘tool box’ of fire protection solutions, therefore, being adaptable to modern steel construction.

Product Information:
The Rockwool Firepro Beamclad has a Euroclass A1 certificate in terms of reaction to fire, is Tested to ENV 13381-4:2002 and EN 13381-4:2013 to provide up to 4 hours fire protection and comes in thickness of 25 – 50mm.

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Passive fire protection is a critical component of any fire safety strategy.

Usually unseen but always at work, passive fire protection systems are built into the structure of the building to safeguard the lives of the building occupants.

When properly installed, passive fire protection measures will protect the building’s structure and limit the spread of fire and smoke by containing it within the compartment.

The ROCKWOOL® FIREPRO® range of passive fire protection products provides firestopping and fire resistance throughout the building’s construction, ensuring the building and its occupants are safer in the event of a fire.

Our specialist range of products support architects, contractors and developers to conform to current building regulations.

In the ROCKWOOL® FIREPRO® Book you can find products for a range of specialist passive fire protection applications which include.


The ROCKWOOL Ablative Coated Batt comprises a high density stone wool core, pre-coated on both sides with our high-performance ablative coating.

Ablative Coated Batt has been comprehensively tested as part of the ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® range of fire protection products, specifically for use in service penetrations, head of wall and other void seals.


• Excellent fire resistance from a single thickness batt.
• Comprehensively tested as part of the FIREPRO® suite of solutions.
• Suitable for sealing wall and floor voids containing most commonly used services and substrates.
• Can be used as a blank seal and a head of wall seal.
• Lightweight and simple to install.
• Tested for air tightness, providing an additional smoke and acoustic seal.


• Multiple substrates including: solid walls and floors; flexible walls
• Multi-service penetrations
• Head of wall
• Blank seals
• Face-fixed applications
• Large-framed service voids

For a fully comprehensive list of applications, please refer to the appropriate ROCKWOOL standard details available at or contact the ROCKWOOL Technical Solutions Team.

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