Rockwool Easy Fit Fire Barrier System Clamping Plate

Rockwool Fire Barrier is Manufactured in 50mm and 60mm thicknesses, with a wire mesh to one side available with a foil facing. It can be used in a variety of applications including pitched roof voids and above-suspended ceilings, it is suitable for void heights up to 10.5 metres. The Fire barrier is easy to install using Rockwool Angle Support and Rockwool Clamping Plate system. Providing fire resistance for up to 2 hours and excellent acoustic performance.

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Fire Barrier systems offer labour-saving solutions to prevent the passage of fire and inhibit the spread of smoke within roof and ceiling voids.

This stone wool solution is suitable for void heights of up to 10.5 metres, supported by a stitched wire mesh.


ROCKWOOL Fire Barrier is comprised of stone wool and has a galvanised wire mesh which is stitched to one side. Foil faced options and double sided wire mesh are also available.

Fire Barrier systems have been developed to prevent the spread of flames and inhibit heat and smoke through concealed spaces in buildings and improve sound reduction.


• Pitched roof voids
• Head of wall
• Concealed ceiling spaces
• Multiple substrates
• Fire protection of structural steelwork  Advantages
• Patented ‘quick-fit’ system for up to 1 hour fire resistance
• Suitable for void heights up to 10.5 meters
• Provides airborne sound reduction
• Additional strength through wire mesh reinforcement
• Service penetration data available
• Fire resistance of up to 2 hours
• Flexible, accommodates movement

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