Rockwool Acoustic Infill

The Rockwool Acoustic Infill is an excellent solution to reduce sound travelling from the troughs of the underside of a deck. Due to the exposed underside of a deck being acoustically reflective (sound is not absorbed). Increasing sound reverberations, creating a noisy environment. The Acoustic Infill is installed into the perforated deck the tissue face of the acoustic infill acts as an absorber reducing the sound reverberations, therefore creating a quieter environment.

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ROCKWOOL Acoustic Infills combine optimal density, random fibre orientation and excellent fit to provide a significant improvement in sound absorption when used within the troughs of perforated metal roof decks.

The product is wrapped in a factory-applied acoustically-transparent white tissue facing for improved aesthetics. For the best performance, we recommend using in combination with ROCKWOOL HARDROCK® Multi-Fix roofing boards.


ROCKWOOL Acoustic Infills are used across all sectors, including commercial, industrial, leisure, health and educational. They are used to control noise in convention and sports halls, swimming pools, manufacturing plants, meeting areas, food courts, indoor concourses; to name but a few applications.


The ability of the underside of the following roof build-up to absorb sound was tested to BS EN ISO 354:

• ROCKWOOL Acoustic Infills within perforated TATA D60 perforated steel deck (13% open area)
• Vapour control layer
• 210mm ROCKWOOL HARDROCK® Multi-Fix
• Mechanically fastened single ply membrane

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Health & Safety

The safety of ROCKWOOL stone wool is confirmed by current UK and Republic of Ireland health & safety regulations and EU directive 97/69/EC:ROCKWOOL fibres are not classified as a possible human carcinogen.

A Material Safety Data Sheet is available and can be downloaded from to assist in the preparation of risk assessments, as required by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH).

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