7 Reasons Why Gypsum is the Perfect False Ceiling Material

Every living space has its unique personality. When you enter any space – residential or commercial, you first look at the floor, gradually raise your head to see the walls, and finally look up at the ceiling.

Gone are the days when ceilings were flat and simple with a light colour, preferably white. With modern architectural designs, the living spaces are getting transformed with tile flooring, colourful wall panels and innovative suspended ceilings, commonly known as false ceilings.

When we talk about the false ceiling, more than the design, it's the material that plays an important role. It's the versatility and flexibility of the material that helps installers give your ceiling a unique look that captures everyone's attention immediately.

While many materials, such as wood, were utilised to create a false ceiling design, we will talk about Gypsum - the latest material used by interior designers in modern living spaces.

What is Gypsum?

Gypsum is a white powdery substance that looks like chalk. It is obtained by mining sedimentary rock formations.

Gypsum has been widely utilised in sculptures and wall plastering worldwide. It has a compressive strength equivalent to cement but with the added benefit of being significantly lighter. However, despite being an ancient material used in old artworks, it was neglected as a building material.

Thanks to the evolution in ceiling designs, Gypsum is now gaining popularity as the preferred material for drywalls and false ceilings.

Moreover, advanced procedures for producing high-quality construction materials from Gypsum have also been developed.

In this Article, We will Discuss Seven Reasons Why Gypsum is the Perfect Material for False Ceilings 

1. Fire Resistance

One of the primary benefits of Gypsum is its heat resistance. It has a non-combustible core filled with chemically mixed water (in calcium sulphate). Gypsum false ceilings are designed to withstand extreme heat levels. The first thing that occurs when the ceiling comes in contact with fire is that water, in the form of steam, escapes from it. Even after the water evaporates, Gypsum retains its heat resistance. So, for better heat resistance in the home, many people prefer to use multiple layers of this material in their false ceilings.

2. Thermal Insulation

Gypsum provides thermal insulating qualities that aid in keeping your house cool. The air-filled space between your existing ceiling and the Gypsum false ceiling cools the room. Its insulating feature holds the cool air within the room. In simplified terms, this means that if your room has a Gypsum ceiling, it will cool off faster.

3. Sound Insulation

Gypsum false ceilings are well-known for their acoustic design, which ensures sound insulation between rooms and sound absorption to facilitate communication. It is an ideal choice for false ceilings in workplaces and homes. A Gypsum false ceiling for the bedroom is suitable as it ensures privacy. So, by using Gypsum in false ceilings, you can have greater privacy and eliminate the problem of sound passing from one room to another.

4. Better Flexibility

Gypsum board may easily be moulded into your preferred ceiling design because it is made of a soft material. So, if your child enjoys spatial patterns or you like fashionable chequered patterns, a Gypsum ceiling may accommodate both.

A Gypsum false ceiling is quite robust when held by high-quality metal frames. Since the best Gypsum board is manufactured with precision in facilities, design consistency is maintained, making it perfect for false ceilings.

5. Saves Electricity

Would you trust us if we claimed that Gypsum structures could reduce your power bills? Yes, a Gypsum ceiling can significantly save your electricity costs. The gap between your main ceiling and the false ceiling, usually a few inches, serves as insulation. In some cases, it may also keep your house naturally cool. Additionally, you can utilise energy-efficient LED lights based on the design of your false ceiling. Some creative ceiling patterns are reflecting, so your area may not need additional lighting.

6. Distribute Even Lighting

Even light distribution is one of the main benefits of Gypsum false ceiling design. You would notice that just specific areas of the room are illuminated for most artificial ceilings. However, this is untrue in the case of Gypsum. To help with equal illumination, a false ceiling is typically installed several inches below the main ceiling. So, if you choose Gypsum, the entire area will be equally lit, whether it's your hallway or you're thinking about using it in your bedroom.

7. Wide Range of Designs

Choose Gypsum if you have particular design preferences for your false ceiling. Gypsum boards are adaptable. Therefore, it may be used to create any ceiling design for your living room or bedroom, no matter how detailed. Consequently, it makes sense that Gypsum designs offer a wide range of flexible design alternatives.

How Long does Gypsum False Ceiling Installation Take?

False ceiling installation is a three-step process that includes framing, boarding, and finishing. It can be done in as little as ten days. However, the installation time may also depend on the complexity of the design. For example, if you prefer a detailed-oriented ceiling design in your bedroom, the installation may take longer.

However, you will always save money on renovation and energy bills in the long term. So, consider all advantages and make a well-informed choice. You can contact our team today to get additional information about Gypsum, its designs and the installation process.

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Now that you know almost everything about Gypsum as an excellent material for false ceilings, it is time to consult Galaxy Insulation to get the best quotes for the material, design and installation of false ceilings in your home or office. For more information, contact the Galaxy team today. Our Interiors Specialist are ready to assist you with your enquiries.

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Nov 10 2022

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