Gypsum Board False Ceiling Design Trends 2023

With modern designs coming into play, homes and offices have become more minimal as people have become more inclined towards clean, sleek, and unique designs. But spaces usually have a particular area that stands out, and it's usually the ceiling. Earlier, designers & clients gave the least importance to the ceiling. However, ceilings have become a vital part of the designing process in today's time.


False ceilings have gained popularity in recent years, and Gypsum, MDF, Wood, POP, etc., are the most used false ceiling materials used by designers. In this blog, we're going to dig into what Gypsum false ceiling is, the benefits and drawbacks of Gypsum, and the most popular trends of Gypsum ceilings in 2023.

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What are Gypsum False Ceilings?

Gypsum is a budget-friendly, durable material often used to make impressive & cost-effective home ceilings. It is a mineral that comprises calcium sulphate dihydrate. The material is used for making gypsum boards of different sizes.

Gypsum is derived from 'gypsos', a Greek word meaning plaster or chalk. Apart from being used for making false ceilings, Gypsum can also be found in toothpaste & it is used as a building material.

Benefiting & Drawbacks of Gypsum


  • It is highly durable, making it an amazing option for being used as a material for false ceilings.
  • Gypsum has noise-reduction qualities.
  • It has insulation properties.
  • It is highly cost-effective.
  • The installation time is less.


  • It cannot be moulded.
  • Gypsum false ceilings are not suitable for rooms with low ceilings as they occupy more space.
  • The entire Gypsum ceiling will have to be replaced for repairs.
  • Improper installation can crack the Gypsum ceilings.
  • Gypsum ceilings have low density.

Whether it's the pulsating glow of a virtual slot machine or subtle lighting shining softly on a living room, lighting has become a key tool for designers to create an atmosphere that captures the senses and enhances overall aesthetic appeal. Thus, the convergence of online design trends and plasterboard suspended ceilings has highlighted a shared recognition of the transformative power of thoughtful design in shaping modern spaces.

Popular Gypsum Ceiling Design Trends

In this section, we're going to discuss a few popular Gypsum ceiling design trends for 2023:

Gypsum False Ceiling Combined with Impressive Lighting

Gypsum boards are highly flexible in terms of design. Thus, there’s a lot you can do to enhance your home’s look using Gypsum false ceilings. A great way to upgrade the look is by adding lighting to the Gypsum ceiling.

Whether you want to go for elegant & minimal lighting, or you prefer extravagant & glamorous lighting, Gypsum false ceilings go with all types of lighting to give you the desired look. People have also started using cove lights or statement pieces for lighting to add to the Gypsum false ceiling’s design. Statement lighting can accentuate the overall look of the ceiling and make it the focal point of your space.

Geometric Gypsum Ceiling Design

When it comes to designing modern homes with a minimalist feel, the trend of using geometric Gypsum false ceilings has gained popularity. Geometric designs take over the intricate ceiling designs in a contemporary concept as geometric Gypsum false ceilings with eye-catching patterns look modern, elegant, and stylish.

Gypsum False Ceiling Design with Voguish Rafters

If you want to create a warm aura for your living room's ceiling, you can count on sleek & voguish rafters to do the job for you. Elegant Gypsum ceilings combined with sleek rafters make for a spectacular combination for contemporary homes. Combining a minimal Gypsum ceiling with impressive rafters is a great way to accentuate how your home looks.

Mirrors Combined with Gypsum False Ceiling

If you’re looking to create a unique vibe for your ceiling, you can play with Gypsum false ceilings and mirrors to add a hint of extravagance to it. The mirrors will create a unique aesthetic for the space and give it a grand and exotic look.

Moreover, mirrors also make for a great way to make an area look bigger and more spacious. Adding mirrors to your Gypsum false ceiling will ensure that your space looks luxurious. You can also add other elements like bespoke lighting and statement chandeliers to add to the look.

A Simple & Classic Gypsum False Ceiling

A classic design is always a good choice. Going with a simple and classic Gypsum false ceiling will solve your purpose, prove to be cost-effective, and ensure you don't get tired of your space. The best part about minimal designs is that they never go out of style.

You can add certain elements to the ceiling to amp it up a little and make it go with your home’s aesthetics. Another great thing about minimal Gypsum false ceiling designs is that they fit well in all kinds of homes.

Wrapping Up

We hope this blog has helped you understand what Gypsum false ceilings are and what are the benefits & drawbacks they come with. If you’ve found our Gypsum ceiling design trends useful and want to upgrade your home’s look, we’re here to help. You can count on Galaxy Insulation for exquisite Gypsum false ceiling designs. We aim to offer high-quality products while considering your budget. For more information, contact us right away.

Justine Gray
By: Justine Gray
Dec 27 2022

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