Fire Barrier System – New roll sizes from Rockwool

Here is some updates from ROCKWOOL UK on standardisation of packaging for FIREPRO Fire Barrier.

It will now be packed on 1200mm x 1200mm pallets with 21 rolls per pallet to help improve efficiency and streamline processes. This results in new roll sizes which are below:

50mm x 1000mm x 3700mm (Plain/Foiled 1/Foiled 2) 21 rolls/pallet

60mm x 1000mm x 3000mm (Plain/Foiled 1/Foiled 2) 21 rolls/pallet

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Richard Walker
By: Richard Walker

Adding value to the already successful Galaxy brand while also expanding into new regions and markets, Richard has superior business acumen in the construction material business and a clear picture of how to accomplish difficult company goals. He has successfully led teams to success via his expert management of people and concise strategic planning.

Nov 19 2021

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