False Ceiling vs. Suspended Ceiling

If you are designing your new home, your interior designer may suggest installing a false or suspended ceiling. Now, what is the difference between the two? The terminologies can be confusing at times, but both false and suspended ceilings are practically the same thing. Some also refer to them as the drop or dropped ceilings. These terms are used for ceiling panelling that hangs lower from the building’s structural ceiling. They serve an important and specific purpose in home design.

Getting a Basic Understanding

False or suspended ceiling systems involve tiles or panels hanging a few feet below the building’s main structural ceiling. These tiles come in a wide range of materials, designs and styles. So these dropped ceilings are separate from the main concrete ceiling and thus, are not part of the structural foundation of the building. They instead serve as a covering to hide the solid framework or the main structural ceiling. They become especially useful in single-storied homes and for those rooms in multi-storied homes that are directly beneath the upper-level washrooms.

Benefits of Suspended Ceilings

There are numerous aesthetic and functional benefits of suspended ceilings. They reduce the volume of the space, making air-conditioning more effective. Moreover, the space between the main ceiling and the false ceiling can be useful for transferring wires and ducts for the cabling and ventilation system. It also becomes easy to access them whenever repair or installation is required. There are several other functional benefits of dropped ceilings as well. These include:

Providing Better Acoustics

 Suspended ceilings are quite useful when you want to reduce the noise in rooms that have a high level of ambient noise. When good acoustical treatments are used, these ceilings can improve the acoustics of a room without consuming any wall space.

Adding Insulation

False ceilings can be fairly instrumental in improving the energy efficiency in your space. Adding insulation to your suspended ceilings can help you keep your space cool in summer and warm in winter.


False Ceilings can let you install recessed lights that are pretty efficient as well as help create a soft and stylish ambiance.

And when it comes to the aesthetic benefits, it can hide the unsightly sprinkler system and beams that disrupt the harmony of the volume of the space. Moreover, false ceilings can enhance the overall aesthetics of a plain and uninteresting structural ceiling.

Understanding the Installation Procedure

The procedure of installation varies with the type of materials you purchase from a particular ceiling supplier. So it becomes important to check the documentation before beginning the process. However, we have provided you with a general overview of the procedure here. Each suspended ceiling grid kit includes the perimeter brackets that you first drill about a few inches below the ceiling joists. This distance depends upon the space you need to have between the main and the false ceiling. Next, along each bracket, you shall put runners approximately four feet apart. These brackets act as the primary support and are placed along the wall. The runners, on the other hand, extend across the space and support the suspended ceiling panels. You can also use wires, attached to the ceiling joists, to hang the runners for additional support. Lastly, you’ll need to place the tiles along the runners. You can alter them to fit your ceiling if you need to.

However, you should also consult a professional installer to carry out the work.

An Overview

So if you too are looking to install suspended ceilings at your home or workplace, you can find the necessary materials at almost any home improvement store near you. However, it is advisable to buy the suspended ceiling tiles and the grid kit separately. The grid kit entails the runners and the brackets that keep the panels in place. Once they are installed, it is fairly easy to slide the panels into place without any complications.

What We Do

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Justine Gray
By: Justine Gray
Dec 02 2022

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