Can you mix and match different manufacturer fire stop products?

No, is the simple answer.

System manufacturers of fire stopping solutions have painstakingly tested their products to achieve specific fire performances. Such testing is very expensive, time consuming & technically challenging. Each manufacturer uses a set of products to that once tested, make a firestop solution. Using the tested solution on a project requires the use of the prescribed system elements used in the test.

Rockwool FirePro, Hilti Firestop, Mulcol Fire Protection, Nullifire, Protecta, Quelfire, FSI, Safire. All very different brands of fire stop systems, some with different tests conducted, some with different applications, some with different configurations but ALL with the same message…………

The complete firestop seal MUST be installed using the prescribed materials combination in accordance with the test/assessment evidence.

Why can’t I use Sealant from manufacturer A and Coated Batt from manufacturer B?

The issue with mixing manufacturers product is one of proof of performance compatibility.

So, when confirming the firestop installed is fit for purpose, whose test data do you use?

For instance, if Sealant A and Coated Batt B are used together do you use Sealant manufacturer A’s test data or Coated Batt manufacturer Bs test data?

You can’t submit both sets of tests as evidence and as the individual items have not been tested together you cannot prove performance for a “mix and match” combination.

If it found that Mix and Match occurs, how do we know the materials work in harmony with each other, how do we know they are chemically compatible, how do we know that under fire conditions the products will work together for the required time?

We just don’t know and can’t prove performance so the firestop becomes an untested solution.

Cost. It might be cheaper to buy individual elements from various manufacturers but saving a few pence or a few pounds versus a compliant, well tested solution that is proven to perform is simply not worth the risk.

The message is simple, select an appropriate firestop system and use the fully tested/assessed and prescribed material combination as instructed by the system manufacturer. The manufacturer should be able to evidence such system performance with the fire test/assessment data.

Protect lives, protect assets and manage the risks. Don’t take on the material combination liability………. DO NOT MIX & MATCH.

By: admin
Jan 17 2022

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