Why you need a Breather Membrane?

Introducing a breather membrane to a steel frame or timber frame construction could prove massively beneficial to the efficiency performance of the building.  By giving the building the ability to ‘breathe’ proves essential as it allows any moisture vapour to escape through the fabric of the building and will provide a secondary protection layer should the weather driven elements breach the external envelope.

To provide the best protection a breather should be waterproof, preferably W1 watertightness especially if located in a severe exposure zone, to protect the building from the elements but it also needs to be moisture vapour permeable to allow the building to breathe.  Certain membranes, manufactured with laminated layers, add an additional technical ability by assisting with airtightness and preventing air leakage to maintain building comfort.

Many specifiers are considering the best possible level of fire protection when designing buildings that require a breathable membrane, by using materials that are specified from the outset as A1 non-combustible or A2-s1,d0 this offers the highest possible fire safety protection.

NHBC and Premier Guarantee have recently updated their stance on breather membranes used in conjunction with gypsum based sheathing boards to protect the building board and insulation. They have outlined that if installing these boards you also need to be using a breather membrane.  This is due to concerns around the lack of longevity of the seals between the boards to meet the functional requirements of the technical manual (60 years) the ability to withstand building movements over time and the on-site challenges to provide sufficient sealing to each and every opening resulting in a lack of appropriate performance

Galaxy Technical Services, working alongside major manufacturers, have developed a specification tool that can quickly select a breather membrane for your project. This unique tool will allow us to provide a bespoke specification for your project. We will ensure that the product meets the technical standards and performance criteria, is cost effective and is available for quick delivery to site.

To find out more please contact technicalservices@galaxyinsulation.co.uk   

Why you need a Breather Membrane?
By: Nimesh
Mar 23 2022

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