Why Thermal Insulation is a Cost-effective Measure for your Home

As per the saying by famous English writer Sydney Smith, a comfortable home is a great source of happiness, and it ranks immediately after health and a good conscience. While the comfort level varies from person to person, the most important aspect is maintaining an ambient temperature in a home that defines absolute comfort. For this, a significant role is played by thermal insulation, so let’s talk about it.    

Thermal insulation is an essential and prevalent process of insulating a residential or commercial building with the best thermal materials. It helps regulate and maintain a suitable temperature within the premises round the year for a relaxed living. 

Across Europe, thermal insulation is an essential requirement for almost all buildings, primarily residential buildings. In the UK, the residents prefer to get their homes insulated for better temperature control, comfort and to reduce energy costs. For this, some of the most experienced distributors and service providers specialise in the thermal insulation of buildings.            

Why do we need thermal insulation in homes?

Where there's a family, there's a home, so it has to be comfortable in terms of accommodation, facilities, and, most importantly, the temperature. To ensure temperature control, we need thermal insulation in the building. Not only this, thermal insulation offers a host of other benefits, including achieving energy efficiency in the building.

So how do we achieve energy efficiency through thermal insulation?

As per studies, around 30% heat is lost through the roof of the homes, which consume more energy to compensate for the heat loss. To avoid this heat loss and maintain a suitable temperature, the houses need to be insulated with the best materials that minimise the heat from escaping.

While finalising the thermal insulation material for your home, you will get to learn about ‘R’ – the thermal resistance concept. So what is R? Well, all insulation materials are categorised according to their R level (thermal resistance), depending on their thickness and thermal conductivity.         

Some of the most popular materials used as thermal insulators include fibreglass, wool, polyurethane, rockwool, polystyrene, and goose feathers. These are very poor heat conductors and are regarded as the best thermal insulators. 

Where should we fix the thermal insulators?

Thermal insulation is done throughout the building areas, including the walls, windows, floors and roof. It acts as a barrier of a building, ensuring less energy consumption, resulting in lower energy bills and enhanced savings month after month.                

So, even before you think of investing in the best performing heat or air-conditioning setup for your building, you should think about installing the best thermal insulation. Even the most efficient heat setup is worthless if there’s no provision for sustainable thermal insulation in the building.

Types of thermal insulation

Thermal Floor Insulation: If you want thermal acoustic insulation or solid/suspended insulation for your home floor, you can contact the best service provider in your city. Floor thermal insulation enables a reduction in heat loss. You can choose from high-performance insulation products like thermally insulated plasterboards or under slab insulation to get best results.

Thermal Roof Insulation: Roof thermal insulation in the home effectively enhances energy efficiency by eliminating heat loss to an extent. You can choose from the most suitable insulation material - slab insulation to thermal foil insulation - according to your roof’s dimension, design and accessibility.

Thermal Wall Insulation: If you want to insulate your home's internal/external or cavity walls, choose from the best wall insulation products like concrete slab insulation or thermally insulated plasterboards. Whether you wish to enhance thermal performance and reduce sound transmission through wall insulation or boost thermal and acoustic performance through partition wall insulation, your service provider will get it done efficiently.

But why do we need thermal insulation?

With global warming being the hot debate topic worldwide, there’s an immediate need to address it at the root level. In the case of a common man, it all begins with a sustainable design while building a home. This should include the installation of thermal insulation on the premises.  

A lot depends on the choice of insulation material used in the building. The better the material, the better it is for the environment. Also, it helps reduce environmental pollution until and unless the building is consuming energy from clean & renewable energy sources.

Notably, a well-insulated premise reduces energy consumption by keeping the home building warmer in winter and cooler in summer. What’s more, it cuts down on carbon emissions considerably, which is a great contributor to climate change globally.

Whom should we consult?

 Thermal insulation is an important process that needs to be well-planned, consulted and executed with the help of professional experts. From choosing the most suitable, cost-effective material & accessories to selecting the best distributor and execution team, you should research and study the market well before finalising everything. 

You should always engage a professional service provider with considerable experience in thermal insulation with a proven track record for best results. In most cases, the top distributors of thermal insulation products have in-house Technical Services teams that can help you plan, purchase, and install thermal insulation in your home with complete efficiency. 

How cost-effective is thermal insulation?

The cost of thermal insulation may vary from building to building. It all depends on the building location, area coverage, selected material, and labour cost most significantly. It is always good to plan for thermal insulation while constructing a new home, as it will always be cost-effective rather than going in for its post-construction installation. It is a single-time investment that will help you save on higher energy bills all year round. More than the cost, it's the comfort that thermal insulation will provide you in day-to-day life.    

It is time to call the experts!

So now that you know all about thermal insulation, it’s time to connect with us for any thermal insulation needed in your home. We can provide a wide variety of thermal insulation solutions for walls, floors, and roofs according to your specific requirements and budgets. Our team of highly efficient professionals can provide you the best customer service and support. We have a dedicated Technical Services team to ensure that you have the right product for your application and project.

We stock leading brands like Kingspan, Rockwool, Knauf, Ravago, EcoTherm, Hush Acoustics, and many more. Currently, we have our presence across 10 locations in the UK.

For any information on thermal insulation, call us today and our team will be happy to help you get the right solution.

Justine Gray
By: Justine Gray
Dec 01 2021

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