Importance of Rendering in Construction


 If you want your home to enjoy maximum protection from the elements, as well as looking flawless for two decades or more, an insulated render, a through coloured Monocouche render or a thin coat system is what you require.

Products such as Weber OCR , Weber Pral M or Weber Sil TF and Parex Monorex ,Parex Monogris E ,Parex Revlane Thin Coats provide the ability to choose the colour and finish of your render system,  as well as being cost-effective and rapid.

Render is the ideal solution for both new and old homes, providing practical and aesthetic benefits. Merge extensions seamlessly, protect against the wind and rain and enjoy an immaculate exterior in the colour of your choice - these are just a few of the reasons why people choose to render their home.

To find out more about rendering in construction and why it’s so important, read our guide below.

Why Render?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to render a building, but the main two are for protection and aesthetic appeal.

Rendering covers the exterior of your building in a special material which is designed to be long-lasting and protective. This material can either be placed over an insulated render system or directly onto the existing fascade  designed to guard against frost and low temperatures. This can shield your home from the elements and help it to stay in prime condition. It’s why rendering is just as suitable for new homes as for older buildings.

Although there are practical reasons to render a building, it can also be for cosmetic purposes too. Render is available in many different colours so can be used to transform the appearance. This is especially useful for older houses which are in need of a facelift.

Benefits of Rendering a Building

Rendering lasts for 25 years or more, so it's a big decision that you won't want to rush. However, there are many benefits to rendering systems, that could be useful for all types of home. If you're still trying to make up your mind about whether you should render your home, here's a look at some of the reasons to do it. 

Protects your property

Quite aside from any of the other benefits, rendering acts as vital protection. Regardless whether your property is new or old, rendering can provide additional weatherproofing to protect the brickwork, blocks or stone.

No matter how well your building is constructed, over time the elements can take their toll. This can allow water and damp to penetrate, degrading the construction and reaching the interior. Rendering can stop this from happening by providing a smooth and impervious finish which doesn't allow water through. Rain, hail and sleet all roll off the surface, leaving the underlying construction as good as new.

If you have an old property and you are concerned about water leaching through, rendering can solve the problem. It can also be applied to new properties to prevent any damage from the elements before it occurs. Using render insulation panels  below the render protects against frost and cold temperatures as well as the damp, This can also reduce your energy Bills by keeping the heat in the property and not escaping through poorly insulated walls.

For many people, the protection that rendering provides is the main reason they choose it for their property.

Beautiful new look

If your home is looking past its best, there are different options you have to give it a facelift. Rendering ticks all the boxes, making it look better as well as providing it with protection. Weber/Parex rendering can easily be applied to older homes, covering up an exterior which looks tired, dirty and old.

If your brickwork is covered with organic growth or mould, it will need to be cleaned before the render is applied. This is easy to do with Weber CL150 /Parex Mould Buster a water-based masonry cleaner and steriliser that’s designed to clear the surface prior to rendering and or the application of other decorative finishes.

Other decorative finishes such as Weber Pral M/Parex Monorex (A through coloured render, That is applied at 15mm thick) & Weber Sil TF/Parex Revlane (A Silicone based thin coat system) are available in an array of colours that gives full protection to the exterior of your home.

Quick to apply

Although rendering is a big decision, that’s mainly because it lasts for such a long time. When you make the decision to go ahead, the application of the rendering can be surprisingly quick.

such as Weber OCR /Parex GPR/Monogris E can be applied in a single coat, Or used as a base coat ready to receive the decorative finish of your choice, unlike traditional sand & cement render which may need re painting every couple of years the through coloured render is the same colour all the way through, (Through coloured Render),

Insulated Renders

After the render insulation boards  are in place, (Also known as EWI, External Wall Insulation)a base coat (Parex Maite) is applied incorporating an acrylic mesh to stop cracking from any movement from the building or stress areas and prepared for the decorative finish of your choice which could be a traditional scratch finish (Monorex EHI) or a Thincoat Finish (Parex Revlane /WebersilTF), while still producing results which are as reliable as a multi-coat render.

Banish pebbledash

Years ago, pebbledash was a popular finish to add to the exterior of houses, but it’s fallen out of fashion in more recent times. Although it provides protection, the pebbles have a tendency to fall out and the appearance quickly begins to look spotty. Many home-owners also think it makes their property seem dated, or old-fashioned - and not in a quaint way.

Removing the pebbledash might leave you with the question of how you home should look instead. Render such as Monocouche (One Coat) can be applied in the place of pebbledash, hiding any imperfections and leaving your property with a smooth and flawless exterior.

Seamless extensions

An extension is a popular alternative to moving home, giving extra space without the inconvenience of finding a new property. Unfortunately, extensions may flow well on the inside, the exterior doesn’t always match, especially with an older building.

Rendering can provide a solution, giving the whole exterior a facelift and hiding the differences between the old part and the new. Once the render system is in place, you won’t even be able to tell which part was added on a later date as it will all look so natural.

Won’t crack

A modern insulated render system  is designed to last for 25 years or more. This means that the exterior of your home will stay looking immaculate, thanks to the cutting edge technology used in modern render formulas. Not only will the colour remain bright but the render will stay smooth. You won’t notice any unsightly cracking, or other tell-tale signs of ageing. Incorporating an Acrylic mesh into the render eliminates cracking from stress areas and any movement from new builds such as extensions.

Choose your colour

When you think of a property that has been rendered, what colour springs to mind? Many people imagine a white render, but you can have almost any colour you choose. The Weber paint  range is ideal for providing inspiration for the full range of colours that could be used for your render. There’s no need to stick to traditional hues, if you prefer something more contemporary.

The renders are supplied already coloured, so there’s no need for the property to be painted after the render has been applied. This speeds the process up, and ensures that the colour remains bright and smooth for the full duration of the render lifetime. Applying Weberend Protect /Parex Paraguard will also protect from UV light along with creating a beading affect when rain water hits the render, This also protects from Grass spores & airborne impurities

Breathable but not permeable

Although you won’t want damp or water to be able to travel through the brickwork and into your home, there’s a fine balance which needs to be struck. If the building cannot breathe, condensation and rotting can develop due to the differences in temperature.

Modern render systems  manage to achieve both; the coating is breathable but simultaneously keeps damp out. This is because render is made from silicone and minerals, a substance which allows fine water vapour to escape prevent problems from developing inside.

Cost-effective solution

If your property is in desperate need of a facelift, the potential costs may give you pause for thought. Weber render products  are priced very reasonably and provide a cost-effective solution which doesn’t sacrifice quality.

How to Choose the Right Render Colour for Your Home

When it comes to houses, the exterior appearance is important and can significantly influence how you view a property. However, not many people give serious consideration to the fact that they can easily change the colour of their home to one which is much more aesthetically pleasing.

Whether the exterior of your property is in need of some work, or you just don't love how it looks, rendering can provide the solution. Available in many different colours, you can give your home the personality that you’ve always wanted. But what colour should you pick?

More than just personal taste

There are some areas of the country where the streets are full of brightly coloured houses. If you live somewhere like this, you’ll find it much easier to just pick a colour you like. If you’re drawn to a bold and bright colour, rendering can give you this option. Modern formulas hold their colour for a long time, so you won’t end up with a drab shadow just months later.

However, if you don’t live in a street where having bright or multi-coloured houses is the norm, you might want to consider your options more carefully. Some locations don’t lend themselves well to loud colours, so it’s a good idea to consider the wider picture. The age and design of your home might influence your choice. Whether you have a rural, coastal or city home could also be a factor. Render is possible even in the erosive coastal areas; products such as Weber Sil TF are perfect for the job, with the addition of more silicone in the mix it gives added protection in rural / coastal areas,

Remember that you're going to be looking at this colour for a long time, so make sure you pick something that isn’t just a passing fad. There’s nothing wrong with classic white; modern formulas will ensure that it stays looking clean and just like new, so this needn’t be a worry.

Take a look at the Weber/Parex paint  selection for inspiration; there's a wide selection of shades and tones, You can also look at the Weber/Parex colour simulator where you can download a picture of your house and change the colours to see which one you like the most.

The opinion of others

While the opinion of others shouldn’t dominate your decisions, you might want to think about how the neighbours will view your choice. If your property is part of a neighbourhood with traditional properties, rendering yours bright pink might make you unpopular.

Rendering lasts more than two decades so you might also want to consider how potential buyers might view the colour. Anything that’s too niche or controversial might make your property harder to sell in the future. Also beware of passing fads; just because a colour is on-trend now doesn’t mean it will still be popular in a few years!

Multiple colours

Rendering gives the possibility for you to decide how you want your home to look, and that means you have the option of multiple colours. Rendering doesn’t need to be in a single block colour for the whole house, and you can even combine it with other elements such as cladding.


If your home is in reasonable condition, you may never have considered the benefits of Weber/Parex render products before. However, insulated render system can benefit all types of properties, boosting the appearance as well as providing valuable protection, It can also add value to your property.

Whether your home is new, old, in great condition or looking a bit tired, render can provide a flawless finish and protect against the adverse effects of the elements.

Modern technology means that render can complement houses which have a traditional look, as well as those which are more contemporary. Find the render system  that’s right for you and enjoy a beautiful new home in next to no time.

Justine Gray
By: Justine Gray
Apr 16 2021

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