Rubbertech Cradle

Rubbertech Cradles are part of the strata range, providing fixed and height adjustable supports. The cradles role is to level floors, decks and paving slabs, ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The cradles are easy to use effective solutions for the levelling of flat or sloped surfaces.  

Benefits of Cradles: 

  • Fast & Effective installation
  • suitable for application on waterproofing membranes 
  • Removing slopes at the base 
  • facilitates the natural flow of water 
  • Increases integratory of wooden beams 

*Always Refer Back To The Manufactures Specification Document 

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Technical Information

The Cradle acts purely as a loading support, so care should be taken when loading the cradle to ensure that the sub base can accept the load. The following is a Table of Load Centres for a Standard Joist size. The Load can be distributed by increasing the number of Cradles.

Unique Rubbertech Decking Cradle System – Level-It

The Rubbertech Cradle System is a unique Patented Self Levelling Joist Support System.

The System can be used for Levelling uneven floors, Supporting Roof Decking or in conjunction with the Hush Acoustic Pad as an Acoustic Flooring System.

The System has been fully assessed and tested by Swansea University Materials Centre of Excellence and conforms to the Loading Conditions for the Flooring as laid down in BS5399.

It’s unique design and buttress thread enables the Cradle to carry High Loads with finite adjustment to allow for accurate levelling of the Floor / Deck surface.

Rubbertech Roof / Decking Cradle

The Rubbertech Roofing Cradle is the ideal solution for supporting Timber Joists for Decking purposes on Balconies and Roof Terraces. The unique Recycled Plastic Body is designed to support Joists keeping them off the Roof Deck and away from the drainage of the roof.

The Cradle is designed with a cellular Rubber Base Support to help spread and soften the impact of the imposed load.

The unique Decking Cradle is easy to install and can be adjusted to allow for the falls in the roof.

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