Duct Insulation

HVAC Ductwork Insulation

As one of the leading suppliers for duct insulation material in the UK we provide you with ductwork insulation products that are suitable for high and low temperature environments. Providing you with flexible duct work solutions that reliably prevents condensation and uses energy loss, we ensure that you get outstanding performance from your that worked insulation.

Our team of experts can answer all your queries regarding how to insulate HVAC ductwork and help you in getting your hands on insulated flexible duct that can be used in any kind of private, commercial, or industrial building without having a negative impact on the health and quality of air.

At Galaxy insulation, we pride ourselves on being a leading distributor of air conditioner duct insulation products. We offer you a wide range of insulation solutions and our experts are well equipped to handle all your needs pertaining to various duct insulation types or with insulation installation that all your HVAC insulation needs are met under one roof.

When you choose Galaxy insulation, you not only get access to air conditioner duct insulation products but also to experts who can take care of all your requirements in a perfect and efficient manner, making your work that much easier.

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