MDL FireZero Rainscreen Fire Closer (44mm)

The MDL FireZero Rainscreen Fire closer is manufactured from high-density stone wool, with an expanding graphite intumescent strip, wrapped in FIREZERO class O foil, designed to be installed between external Rainscreen cladding and internal wall structures. The MDL FireZero Rainscreen closer provides a horizontal fire break where a continuous airflow is specified. In the correct horizontal system, the FIREZERO/RSH44/vent will provide up to 120 minutes of fire protection, designed for cavity widths 50mm to 300mm.

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FIREZERO/44/RS/VENT Rainscreen 44mm air gap fire closure consists of a high-density stone wool with an expanding graphite intumescent strip facing the external leaf wrapped in FIREZERO Class O Foil.

Two galvanised steel fixing straps are supplied loose per length.

FIREZERO/RSH44/VENT is designed to be installed between the external rainscreen cladding and the internal wall structure to create a fire break horizontally where a continuous airflow is required.

Generally, an air gap is not needed vertically, an RSV fire stop can be used. This works under compression filling the vertical void creating the barrier.

Application Detail , Technical Data

The stone wool used to produce the core of this horizontal fire barrier is non-combustible to BS476 part 4 (1984).

The correct use of the right horizontal FIREZERO/ RSH44/VENT will provide 30,60, 90, or 120 minutes of protection.

FIREZERO Rainscreen Barriers are tested utilising the general principles of ASFP technical guidance document TDG 19 : (November 2017) test reports WF402303/ WF403251.

FIREZERO/RSH44/VENT is manufactured to give a 44mm air gap and is tailor made to suit cavity widths from 50mm to 300mm.

It is of paramount importance to remember that FIREZERO rainscreen barriers will not add to the claddings own rating, or of that of a timber frame structure.

For nonstandard applications the performance of FIREZERO rainscreen barriers will depend on the surrounding structures.

This should be referred to the cladding or system manufacturer.

Environment Manufactured using stone wool. No CFCs or HCFCs are involved in the process which represents no known threat to the environment, giving it a classification of zero ODP and GWP.

FIREZERO/RSH44/VENT horizontal fire stop should be fitted before the external rainscreen but after the installation of the support frame.

Fixing spikes are fitted to the inner leaf securely at a minimum of 500mm centres using non combustible fixings, the barrier is then impaled onto the spikes embedded centrally, 75% into the core rock stone wool.

Adjacent lengths must be carefully butt jointed together, with Class O Foil tape to be applied at the joints.

Intumescent sealant can be used to seal any gaps along the inner leaf / linear edge to maintain fire performance.

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