Ceiling Systems

Suspended Ceiling Tiles & Panels Supplier

We provide you with a wide range of suspended tiles and ceiling panels that are supplied by leading brands. Offering you strong frames in order to accommodate your choice of ceiling tiles, and other options such as bathroom ceiling panels etc. we make sure that we also help you with other range of accessories that can be utilized for the system of your choice. Whether you are looking at insulated ceiling panels or other materials like PVC ceiling panels, we can provide you with a wide choice.

Our insulation experts can also help you with other options related to ceiling tile installation, as well as help you with suspended ceiling installation options so that you have the best material at hand.

Our Insulated Ceiling Tiles & Panels

Panels and ceiling tiles provide a host of functions such as not only improving the acoustics and aesthetics of a room but also providing ceiling foil insulation. Galaxy Insulation can provide you with ceiling solutions, ranging from soundproof ceiling tiles, to ceiling insulation boards etc. Whether you are on the lookout for materials for grid ceiling systems, or need products for baffle ceilings, or just want to look at your ceiling cladding options, we provide you with the wide range of options available based on your requirements.

Our installation experts can help you in understanding what is ceiling installation and what kind of insulated ceiling tiles will best suit your purpose. Hence, reach out to us and get the right product for your insulated ceiling tiles and panels.

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