Pipe Insulation

HVAC Waterproof External Pipe Insulation

HVAC ductwork and Systems generally require external thermal waterproof pipe insulation to maintain the air temperature and keep the system functioning as it has been designed. When you invest in an outdoor pipe insulation, you reap numerous benefits such as reduced energy consumption as well as improved comfort. Waterproof external pipe insulation is lightweight and easy to handle and we can provide you with all kinds of HVAC pipe insulation material. Since, different projects have different requirement, hence, our HVAC insulation experts can help you out with your requirements and show that you have the most appropriate HVAC pipe insulation material on your hands.

Here, at Galaxy insulation, we pride ourselves in being one of the UK premiere suppliers of insulation for HVAC pipes. Our team of experts can take off all kinds of external pipe insulation work and guide you regarding what kind of pipe insulation would work best for you – for example, figuring out whether you need to choose a 28mm pipe insulation or if you should go for a 42 mm pipe insulation – our experts can help you out with all such choices and are here to guide you thoroughly regarding how to insulate HVAC pipes.

We offer a wide variety of insulation options in terms of size – ranging from 10 mm pipe insulation to 50 mm pipe insulation. We are your one-stop-shop whether you are looking for home insulation or commercial insulation needs.

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