Rockwool Hardrock Multi-Fix Angle Fillet

Trapezoidal fillet to provide a smooth transition with bitumen membranes. 

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Manufactured from high density ROCKWOOL insulation, HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Angle Fillets are designed to be installed at 90° abutments. Perfect for where roof insulation meets an upstand, Angle Fillets smooth the transition from horizontal to vertical while fully supporting the waterproof membrane.


HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Angle Fillet have been designed to fully support the waterproof membrane at 90° abutments, providing a smooth transition between the horizontal and vertical interface.

The product is manufactured with an integral mineral-coated glass fibre fleece, which secures a strong bond between membrane and insulation for both hot and cold applied bituminous membrane systems.


• Can help to prolong the life of the waterproof membrane
• Excellent heat resistance; ideal for torch-applied bituminous systems
• Cost effective and easy to install
• Single-size solution compatible with bituminous membranes and GRP systems


For use with bituminous or GRP waterproofing systems in conjunction with ROCKWOOL HARDROCK® Multi-Fix flat roof insulation boards.

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