Ravatherm XPS X UB300

Ravatherm XPS X UB300 is a purpose designed product for parapets and upstands. Pairing the exceptional thermal performance of Ravatherm XPS X 300 SB with a 6mm fibre cement layer, it helps address the challenges posed by thermal bridging and is designed to be used alongside other Ravatherm XPS X roofing products to complement the inverted roof system.

The Ravatherm XPS X UB300 board is 56mm thick and comprises a 50mm thick Ravatherm XPS X 300 SB extruded polystyrene layer with a declared lambda value of 0.030 W/mK, and a 6 mm thick grey coloured fibre cement topping already been applied to the boards. They are light enough for one person to handle and can be easily cut and shaped on site with a mortar saw.

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