Acoustic Insulation

Galaxy are a leading independent supplier of acoustic and noise control products and solutions. Offering soundproofing solutions for residential and commercial projects.
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Acoustic Flooring and other Acoustic Insulation Products

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Acoustic Under Screed Solutions

  • HUSH Under Screed Acoustic Membrane
  • Isorubber Base
  • Regupol 7210C
  • Yelofon HD10+
  • Monarfloor Tranquilt
  • GenieMat FF

Acoustic Over Screed Solutions

  • HUSH Over Screed Acoustic Membrane
  • Isorubber Top
  • Regupol 4515 ECO
  • Regupol 4515 Multi
  • GenieMat RST

Acoustic Floating Floor

  • HUSH Panel 33
  • HUSH Panel 32
  • HUSH Panel 28
  • HUSH Panel 17
  • DECKfon 17T
  • DECKfon 26T
  • DECKfon 26T

Acoustic Overlay/Underlay

  • HUSH Mat 15
  • HUSH FFR Resilient Underlay
  • HUSH Lay 11
  • HUSH Felt Underlay
  • DECKfon Ultramat 15
  • Regupol 3912

Isolation products for Acoustic Walls/Ceilings

  • GeniClip
  • Gypframe RB1 Resilient Bar
  • GTEC Resilient Bar
  • HUSH Resilient Bar
  • HUSH Bar Plus
  • HUSH Deep Resilient Bar
  • Superior Section Resilient Bar SRE05

Acoustic Battens

  • HUSH Batten 55
  • HUSH Batten 70
  • DECKfon Batten 45 & 70
  • Monarfloor Acoustic Battens
  • Monarfloor Acoustic Tri-Batten
  • Park Bearers

Acoustic Cradles

  • HUSH Cradle
  • Monarfloor Acoustic Cradle

Between Joist Acoustic Insulation

  • AIM Fire Floor System 2
  • Intudeck
  • Rockwool Flexi Slab

Complete Acoustic Flooring Systems for Timber Floors

  • Gypfloor Silent
  • Siniat Acoustic Floor System RAF 006
  • HUSH System 1
  • HUSH System LP

Acoustic and UFH overlay boards

  • Celecta ScreedBoard
  • Knauf Brio
  • Isosonic Screed Plank

Independent Acoustic Insulation Stockists

Galaxy have a large and comprehensive range of Acoustic Insulation products. As a leading acoustic insulation distributor, our products suit concrete and timber floor systems,wall systems and ceiling systems.

Galaxy stock a wide range of acoustic flooring, soundproofing and sound absorption products.

Galaxy are a market leading, Independent Acoustic Insulation Distributor with a large and comprehensive range of Acoustic Insulation Products.

For further information on acoustic flooring and other acoustic insulation solutions for floors and walls please contact your local branch.

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